A Retrospective on the First 100 Episodes of the Alpha Exchange
Alpha ExchangeSeptember 26, 2022
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A Retrospective on the First 100 Episodes of the Alpha Exchange

Welcome to the 100th Episode of the Alpha Exchange. Here we do a podcast retrospective, looking back at some of the themes and insights shared over the past 4 years. I want to thank you for listening. We’ve been fortunate to attract a substantial audience of accomplished professionals. And that’s really the result of the quality of our guests. I want to express sincere gratitude to our guests for taking me up on the invite to come on our show.

What I’ve sought to do through these discussions is to make a contribution to our industry’s understanding of risk. That, literally is the Alpha that I hope emerges from the Exchange. One way we do this is to look backwards, reviewing consequential periods of market disruption. There is an old saying, that “history is a foreign country”. If that is the case, I say that the “history of risk is another planet”. We learn the most by studying the periods when things went horribly wrong. But a human condition and weakness is simply that we forget. Risk management suffers from failure of the imagination. In discussing these events, my hope is to raise the antennae of our listeners, perhaps planting a seed for further investigation or alerting you to a vulnerability previously unappreciated.

Over the course of this retrospective episode, we highlight the thought process and perspectives of guests, looking back on crisis events like the ’87 crash, the LTCM unwind, the GFC and the Pandemic market disruption. We cover the Meme stock episode of 2021 and also the crypto crash of 2022 and more. I hope you enjoy our 100th episode and thank you again for listening.